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Autodata sinks technology pirates in counterfeiting settlement

Autodata sinks technology pirates in counterfeiting settlement

Autodata has struck again in its campaign to stamp out Intellectual Property crime.

The Maidenhead-based data company reached an out-of-court settlement with a pirate seller of its products.

Autodata was alerted to the activities of an unauthorised supplier by one of its customers in the London area.

It responded by instigating a covert enquiry by its IP team, which carried out test purchases of the software being sold illegally.

A spokesperson for Autodata said: “This result followed several reports we received from customers concerned about approaches from counterfeit software sellers.

“We continue to work closely with Trading Standards to highlight any issues and concerns that garages have with this activity.

“Anybody considering making counterfeit copies of our software, and particularly those who then attempt to sell these out-of-date examples, should be aware of the danger this poses to the public and that the heavy hand of the law is on the side of the IP rights holder.”

In this case, the vendor had moved to another part of the country in an attempt to escape prosecution, but evidence was gathered and his operation traced to a new residence.

When approached with the evidence against him, he was confronted with settling against damages or facing court action.

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“We want a positive result in 2010,” says Bosch chief

“We want a positive result in 2010,” says Bosch chief

The Bosch Group has made a good start to the current fiscal year, and intends to make up for much of the loss of sales in 2009, according to its chairman, Franz Fehrenbach.

Addressing journalists in Stuttgart, he said there were clear signs of recovery in all regions, with an especially powerful boost coming from the markets in China and India.

In the first quarter of this year, Bosch Group sales were up roughly 25% year on year. But the first quarter of 2009 was also the lowest point of that crisis year, so current sales are still significantly below their 2007 level.

Sales in the current fiscal year are expected to grow by more than 10% to 42 billion euros, driven principally by automotive technology operations responding to increased demand for vehicles, especially outside Europe.

However, Fehrenbach warned that recovery should not be “taken for granted”.

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Van drivers top rudest road users poll

Van drivers top rudest road users poll

White van men are under attack again after an online insurance broker revealed the results of a poll of the nation’s rudest drivers.

27% of 1000 UK motorists told that van drivers display the least etiquette, followed by taxi drivers (24%) and young people (15%).

The research shows that the rudest offences by van drivers include:

  • cutting you up (30%)
  • pulling out in front of you (26%)
  • tailgating (22%)
  • swearing and gesticulating at other road users (10%)
  • not saying thank you when another road user gives right of way to them (8%)
  • not letting you in (4%)

Lee Grandin, Van Insurance MD, said: “Rude drivers are thoughtless and their bad behaviour contributes to unsafe driving conditions.

“At the very least, rude drivers cause frustration and anxiety and at worst, may indirectly cause road rage or even road traffic collisions.”

The company has the following etiquette tips for van drivers:

  1. Remember that your van represents your business, especially if your business name is printed on the side
  2. Keep your mouth closed – despite how tempting it might be to abuse members of the public, your next potential job could be listening
  3. Try leaving 10 minutes earlier in order to make it to your next job on time and without your blood pressure going through the roof
  4. If someone lets you pull out before them or waits for you to pass on a street where vehicles are doubled parked, just flash, smile or raise your hand to say thank you

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New Audi A8 debuts Bosch automatic emergency braking

Bosch says predictive emergency braking systems can prevent 3 out of 4 rear-end collisions involving personal injury

Bosch says predictive emergency braking systems can prevent 3 out of 4 rear-end collisions involving personal injury

Bosch’s automatic emergency braking system is going into series production for the first time, fitted as standard to the new Audi A8.

The system provides support for drivers where there is the threat of a rear-end collision.

It interprets the state of the traffic flow ahead of the vehicle, warns the driver and reacts automatically.

“Roughly 80 percent of drivers do not hit the brakes at all before a rear-end collision, or do not use the car’s full braking capacity,” said Dr. Werner Struth, president of the Bosch Chassis Systems Control division.

The system is based on ESP® electronic stability program and the LRR3 long-range radar sensors of the ACC adaptive cruise control system, which are complemented by a video sensor.

The Audi A8 features two long-range Bosch generation 3 radar sensors, which can detect objects within a beam width of 40 degrees at a distance of up to 250 metres, and can determine their position and speed.

Of all the accidents involving injury and fatalities in Germany, 15% are rear-end collisions.

Other Bosch systems and components in the new A8, include the instrument cluster; the control unit and sensors for the passenger restraint system; a domain control unit; the starter, and the wiper drive.

For the gasoline engines of the new A8, Bosch supplies various engine control units.

The two initially available diesel engines use Bosch injection systems with piezo valves and injection pressure of up to 2000 bar.

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ECP growth continues with Crawley opening

ECP's 75th branch

ECP's 75th branch

Euro Car Parts has opened a new branch in Crawley, taking its network of outlets to 75.

The 22,000 sq ft branch has three floors and acts as a distribution hub to neighbouring branches in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

It holds £1.5million worth of stock and employs 40 members of staff.

Donna West, director of communications at ECP said: “The branch offers a wide and comprehensive range of OE parts at low prices.

“Expert parts advisors are here to help the customer purchase anything from the right exhaust to alloy wheels, batteries, wiper blades, filters and all consumables.

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BEN thanks Autodata for charity work

David Main (left) thanks Autodata's Malcolm Rixon

David Main (left) thanks Autodata's Malcolm Rixon

Autodata has been presented with an award in recognition for its fundraising efforts for industry charity BEN.

The presentation was made at the Garage Equipment Association’s annual dinner in April.

Malcolm Rixon, Autodata’s technical liaison and licensing manager, received the award from BEN chief David Main.

Rixon said: “We were delighted to attend the GEA’s annual dinner and to receive this award from BEN.

“The charity does incredible work and Autodata is pleased to continue with its support for BEN on behalf of Motor Trade employees both past and present.

“We’d like to thank BEN again for recognising us in this way and we look forward to working closely with the GEA and BEN in the future.”

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Millers Oils to increase penetration with MAM

Millers oil MechanicIdentifying Millers Oils products has become easier after its Automotive Premium and Trident oils and lubricant products were added to online aftermarket tool MAM Autocat+.

Dave Mott, automotive key account manager at Millers Oils, said: “We are always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to access information on our products.”

“Since launching five significant new Longlife engine oils to our Premium Oils range at the start of 2010, we have been working hard to make sure our customers can further understand and identify the correct grade of oil for specific vehicles.

“Following the introduction of the “Which Oil?” Online Advisor to our website, the MAM Autocat+ catalogue will certainly help with this process.”

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NTN and SNR declare merger a success

French firm SNR Bearings will change its name to NTN-SNR Bearings from July 2010.

The news comes after NTN Corporation increased its share of capital in SNR Bearings to 80% three years after the two companies merged.

In a statement, the company said it had succeeded in:

  • unifying their sales networks and techniques
  • improving their trading positions during the financial crisis
  • developing technical exchanges and synergies for investment projects in the automotive, industrial and aeronautic markets

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Tiger helps retailers join the iPhone app revolution

The app allows 24/7 shop management

The app allows 24/7 shop management

Parts sellers can now manage their online shops wherever they are, thanks to a new iPhone app.

The mCommerce app, launched by Tiger Commerce,  allows retailers to access and respond to real-time data relating to their online parts and accessories shops through their iPhone 24 hours a day.

Retailers can stay in touch with new orders and historical shop data and the app also allows users to log into their shop’s Google Analytics account for up-to-date analysis on shop visitor data.

Neil Smith, eCommerce Director at GForces – the company behind Tiger Commerce – said: “Conducting business over the internet is a 24/7 proposition, so it’s vital that e-tailing motor traders are always able to respond to new orders coming into the business, whether they happen to be in their office or not.”

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TomTom keeps urban riders on track

Gloved fingers shouldn't have a problem with the large icons

Gloved fingers shouldn't have a problem with the large icons

TomTom is hoping to keep bikers on track with its new TomTom Urban Rider device.

It has a glove-friendly screen with large icons and features advanced lane guidance and IQ Routes, which calculates the fastest route every hour.

“With TomTom Urban Rider, we’re making navigation truly accessible to all users of a powered two-wheeler,” said Damian Woodward, VP sales & marketing at TomTom.

TomTom Urban Rider will be available from the end of May 2010 and is priced from £249.99.

Also coming soon is TomTom Rider Pro, which comes with a Bluetooth headset.

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