Cabin filters could make garages profits bloom

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The increasing level of pollen could provide garages and workshops profit opportunities through new cabin air filters.

Factors Andrew Page is urging garages to check the cabin filters and offer a change as a part of a summer check up.

According to the NHS, 20% of the population in England are affected by hay fever during the spring and summer months, and one way of helping these sufferers is to change the air filter on the vehicle.

It is suggested that the cabin air filter is changed during regular services in any case, every 12,000 miles or 12 months, so this gives garages the chance to develop sales opportunities and help maximise their profit margins.

The filter prevents harmful contaminants from entering the vehicle, provides a flow of fresh clean air to allow adequate ventilation and clear vision and protects air conditioning and ventilation system components.

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  1. Judith says:

    I had a similiar problem with the ventilation in my car last summer. It was 27 degrees outside and I had a 3 hours journey ahead, so I switched on the air conditioning and no air was coming out…THE JOURNEY WAS TERRIBLE. As soon as I could, I visited my local garage, and the cabin filter was completly blocked… Now I will not ever forget to change the cabin filter regularly.

    Any similar experience?


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