Castrol warn the aftermarket about using the wrong oil

Castrol-oilLubricant giant Castrol has warned independent garages that they may be stocking the wrong types of oil.

A study carried out showed that there is a discrepancy in the aftermarket between the different oil formulations required by vehicles in the UK car parc and the oils available from retailers and workshops.

Castrol’s research shows that 55 percent of the car parc requires low-viscosity oil, with 36 percent needing 5W-30 and 19 percent use fully-synthetic 5W-40. However, it also found that only 29% of retailers stocked 5W-30 oil and 7 percent hold the fully synthetic version.

Marc Perkins, Castrol Independent Workshop Marketing Manager for UK and Ireland, said: “The current trend for engine downsizing means that workshops and retailers must catch up in the marketplace and provide low viscosity oil formulations that are approved for an increasing proportion of the modern engines powering today’s cars.”

While the aftermarket are slowly stocking the low viscosity oil solutions, the survey shows that a majority of the retailers stock is for high viscosity oil, which is required by only 24 percent of the car parc.

Perkins added: “By continuing to offer only 10W-40 oil, or other high viscosity formulations, outlets run the risk of invalidating a vehicle’s warranty and ultimately harming the longevity of an engine, simply by topping it with the wrong type of oil.

“The growing demand for ultra low viscosity oils also offers workshops the opportunity to earn premium profits.”

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