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New colours, new labels and a more ergonomic design: that’s what you’ll find on the new can that Total Lubrifiants* has unveiled for its entire range of TOTAL and ELF lubricants.

In addition to these design developments, Total Lubrifiants contributes to the Group’s ambition to become the major in responsible energy. In particular, a reduction in the weight of cans will prevent the emission of 9,500 tons of CO2 equivalent* each year owing to raw materials savings.

A can at the forefront of innovation

The new TOTAL and ELF cans are a major step forward! They’re more practical and easier to read, with an attention to detail that aids consumers by showcasing the product’s premium quality. 

Who hasn’t found himself looking at a row of motor oils on the shelf, unsure of which product to choose? With the new TOTAL cans, consumers can identify the product they need at a glance, thanks to the color coding: Platinum for top-tier, Silver for mid-tier and Bronze for entry range products. Buyers can then zoom in on the product they need by checking the new label, which is much clearer and easier to read.

A unique label designed to look like a dashboard

The essential product information curves around the brand name, similar to a car dashboard, displaying the viscosity, manufacturer approvals and a QR code that can be used to confirm the product’s authenticity in a flash. It’s a label unlike any other and a radical advance in relaying information about the lubricants.

Better ergonomics for an enhanced customer experience

The new can offers a new design with a more ergonomic handle that makes it easier to grasp and carry. The cap has been functionally redesigned as well, to make it easier to fill the oil sump when replacing or topping up.

“We have always offered products that are very simple for customers to decipher,” says Jean Parizot, Vice President Automotive at Total Lubrifiants. “But today’s shoppers need different information about products and how to use them, so we decided to redesign our cans by giving them a new shape, color and label. The challenge was to maintain a distinctive design so consumers find it even easier to identify our TOTAL and ELF products. I think we achieved our goal, and the results are on a par with our lubricant’s performance — in other words, excellent!”

The new TOTAL and ELF cans will be rolled out gradually in every market where the brands are available beginning in January 2020.

*Total Lubrifiants is the company that sells TOTAL lubricants.

*calculated on the basis of volumes and ADEME CO2 conversion factor.


About Total UK Limited

Total UK Limited is the UK Marketing & Services operation for the Total Group. The division manufactures and sells lubricants, bitumen products and petroleum-based solvents into the transport, building and manufacturing sectors.

Total UK is also one of the country’s leading suppliers of aviation fuels, supplying London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, as well as many smaller airfields around the country.

In November 2019, Total entered into an agreement with Harvest Energy, a member of the Prax Group, to allow Harvest Energy to develop its network of service stations with the support and expertise of Total and to secure its fuel supply. The first TOTAL service station opened in December 2019 in Thirsk (North Yorkshire, England). Further deployment will continue in 2020. The TOTAL outlets offer the public and business customers the company’s full line-up of fuels and lubricants, as well as a broad range of products and services, including EV charge points.



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The aftermarket specialist Blue Print has launched an All-Makes program for braking. Blue Print offers a comprehensive, complete range of more than 3,400 brake friction components for Asian and European vehicle applications. In regard to brake pads and brake discs, Blue Print has a coverage of over 98% of all popular passenger vehicles and LCVs on European roads launched from the year 2000 onwards.   

Blue Print keeps pace with every new vehicle released into the market in accordance to the “Fast to Market” philosophy and utilizes Official Manufacturer Electronic Parts Catalogues to ensure ultimate levels of accuracy.

Additionally, going beyond the full selection of dry braking components for All-Makes, Blue Print, as a specialist for parts for Asian vehicles, also has the complete solution for the remainder of the braking range for Asian applications. This includes more than 3,200 parts covering over 70,000 applications. This provides an unrivalled breadth and depth of coverage for Asian vehicles.

Furthermore, Blue Print recognises the constant evolution of both automotive technology and environmental awareness. As a result, Blue Print offers an extensive range of brake pads and disc for hybrid and electric vehicles.

All components are developed and manufactured to meet OE specifications and are designed to serve as direct replacement parts. Rigorous and systematic quality checks are conducted to make sure that a continuous supply of quality products are being produced. This guarantees an excellent level of comfort and performance, all while ensuring for a safe journey.


Ferdinand Bilstein combines the well-known product brands febi, SWAG and Blue Print under the bilstein group umbrella. Together, the bilstein group offers more than 60,000 different technical spare parts for professional vehicle repairs. The internationally operating group of companies supplies its products to over 170 countries. For more information, please visit:

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Introducing the Bearing Buddy and Thin Wall Coil Packs

Induction Innovations is excited to introduce the new Bearing Buddy Coil Pack and Thin Wall Coil Pack, for use with the Mini-Ductor series products. We’ve bundled some of our most popular coils as well as some new coils, in a variety of sizes to help you make more repairs faster.

New Bearing Buddy coil pack kit

The Mini-Ductor series products, such as the Mini-Ductor II and Mini-Ductor Venom, allow users to release hardware from corrosion or thread lock compounds, without the dangers of an open flame.

The Bearing Buddy Coil Pack (MD99-643) is comprised of coils for use on thick metal and a wider assortment of parts, such as O2 sensors, bearings, tie-rod ends, and much more. It offers two different sized flexible coils and a heat resistant mat. The heat resistant mat helps extend the Bearing Buddy coil life by preventing abrasion and overheating of the coil.

Bearing Buddy Coil Pack Kit Contents

  • 104cm Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-603)
  • 243cm Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-XBB96)
  • 6” x 12” Heat Resistant Insulator (MD99-612)
  • Compact Storage Tube

The Thin Wall Coil Pack (MD99-644) offers four of the most popular thin wall coil sizes, which enables users to release rusted or corroded recessed lug nuts safely and quickly.

New Thin Wall coil accessory

Thin Wall Coil Pack Kit Contents

  • 19mm Thin Wall Coil (MD99-629)
  • 21mm Thin Wall Coil (MD99-631)
  • 23mm Thin Wall Coil (MD99-632)
  • 25mm Thin Wall Coil (MD99-635)
  • Compact Storage Tube

These coils are especially useful with higher quality and custom wheels, which often have limited space between the nut and the wheel. This makes it difficult to get a lug wrench, breaker bar, or even a normal sized induction heating coil around the nut. With any of our thin wall coils, you can easily maneuver the Mini-Ductor to apply induction heat in the smallest of crevices.

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Experience recorded

Infopro Digital Automotive has been working at the heart of automotive documentation for more than 70 years. It has based its work on the simple observation that a list of relevant data is important when carrying out any mechanical or bodywork repair, as the data is different for each vehicle. The long-term job of channelling, grouping together and sorting this data has been ongoing for decades. All the information has now been gathered and linked to current digital techniques, making it a useful everyday tool.

As one of the original creators of the Technical Automotive Journal (RTA), Infopro Digital Automotive has become increasingly aware that paper is not what it was 20 or 30 years ago. It has had to evolve. Technical journals, if they still exist at all, have naturally moved to computer screens, with exploded views of vehicles, manufacturers’ data, and methods of fitting and removing. From now on, everything will be listed within the Atelio Doc software, and can be accessed using its powerful search engine.


Our rich experience applied to the world of tomorrow.

Knowing the configuration, equipment and accessories of every vehicle is impossible. Automotive construction is constantly evolving. This means that the repairer’s experience is no longer sufficient, and even the slightest intervention can seem new and complicated.
With Atelio Doc, the repairer can simply concentrate on their core business and their own expertise in repair work, without having to worry about whether or not they have the manual for that particular vehicle. Atelio Doc provides an exhaustive list of all the resources that will be necessary for carrying out a repair, and the skills that the mechanic or bodywork repairer will need: implementation, part lists, fastening kits, fluids and accessories.


A wealth of data

All the identification information for vehicles is listed in the software, such as the brand, model, version and even model year with the launch date. It also allows additional access to the mechanical and bodywork parts list for this specific model, as well as access to the repair methods and even a list of the types of breakdown normally associated with the vehicle in question.

Given the number of manufacturers listed in the software, and the range of models that spans up to 25 years, Atelio Doc is THE reference for technical documentation across vehicle makes.

A complete tool

Atelio Doc is not just a database in the literal sense of the word, or simply a list of car and light utility vehicle mo

dels. The tool’s strength lies in the wealth of information that it provides.

All vehicle considerations are taken into account, and are listed in a non-exhaustive manner: engine and transmission, steering, suspension and brake systems, heating and air conditioning, safety devices such as airbags, pre-tensioners and seatbelts, all the vehicle’s electrical equipment, lights and signals, but also all the elements related to panels, and heavy and light bodywork.

Given the high levels of quality of some of the vehicles that are in use today, it is sometimes difficult to separate mechanical devices and interventions from those that are related to the bodywork. This is why it is important to be able to b

ring them all together in the one tool.

If we had to specify some of the other additional options, we might mention the tightening torques, front and back wheel alignment, or electrical diagrams. This data can help repairers who may break out in a cold sweat when faced with the complexity of some models. As well as this, information about lubricants, quantities of fluids, and necessary man hours will allow interventions to be anticipated and planned.


Help with documentation and diagnostics

Atelio Doc’s power and its value are not just in listing parts and accessories.

In addition to the practical side, Atelio Doc offers documentary and technical support. This provides, among other things, a personalised response to repairers’ searches, in terms of repair methods, fitting and removal. They can even access

 diagnostic aids based on a list of types of breakdown, which they would not be able to find in the software otherwise.


Intuitive digital tool

The Atelio Doc database is constantly evolving, and is displayed simply on the computer screen. The tool is intuitive and easy to use.
Once the vehicle model is chosen, the repairer just has to decide what part they want to study and examine. Quality, high-definition exploded illustrations that are precisely numbered allow for easy navigation.
In a few seconds, the repairer strips away the car’s exterior to see the parts that they want to know more about: their exact position, the necessary accessories and fastenings and the method for accessing them.

Ease of navigation, intuitive menus and quality illustrations make Atelio Doc a nice tool for repairers to use.


Interface with other electronic catalogues

The list of part numbers is based on the manufacturers’ original documentation, and is therefore reliable and updated in line with data for each make.
Once all this information has been received and the elements supplied, repairs can proceed without a hitch, as the correct parts for the model are available.

In order to do this, each repairer can use the electronic catalogues, most of which are linked to Atelio Doc, to select parts. Infopro Digital Automotive also provides its own catalogue, Atelio Aftermarket, that is directly linked to Atelio Doc.


Monitoring and updating

Based on their experience, and their awareness of the ever-changing market, Infopro Digital Automotive provides its clients with a database of documents that are constantly updated and developed to include all the new models that enter the automotive market every year. This is made possible through the professionalism of the company’s teams and the quality of its relationships with manufacturers and providers of automotive equipment.

Atelio Doc is an indispensable tool for any repairer whose knowledge and work is developing based on the vehicles that they repair, as it helps them deal with diagnostics and repairs effectively.


Who is Infopro Digital Automotive 

Infopro Digital Automotive is a French leader in automotive documentation, whose technological awareness allows them to respond to the needs of an ever-changing market. First named as E.T.A.I, it has spent more than 70 years developing a complete digital database for automotive repair professionals.

With more than 70 years of experience, an automotive range that spans more than 25 years, more than 40 makes listed and a modern and intuitive digital tool, Infopro Digital Automotive is consolidating its position as a leader in mechanical and bodywork automotive technical documentation.

Find more about Atelio Doc and Ateliob Aftermarket :


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BM Catalysts Commercial Director Mark Blinston discusses why quality always wins in the battle against cost

Reassuringly Good

At BM Catalysts we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality. Years of dedication to doing things the right way, as well as continuously investing in people, processes and production techniques, means that we’re now in a market-leading position despite the seemingly endless uncertainty around the UK’s exit from the EU.

Whilst recent times have seen other businesses looking at ways to consolidate or even scale back their operations, our long-term strategy of continuous investment and improvement sees us in a unique position where we can continue serving our customers the high levels of quality and service they have come to expect from BM Catalysts, even in uncertain times.

BM Catalysts Commercial Director Mark Blinston

Increasing Regulation

The automotive industry itself is continually looking to tighten its grip on quality standards. The Department for Transport is focusing more scrutiny on the quality of parts, and by default the processes, of our sector, primarily through the work of the Market Surveillance Unit of the DVSA. This includes taking a closer look at manufacturers and distributors producing and supplying non-compliant (or even sub-standard) parts. Legislation leaves little room for interpretation when it comes to culpability. Whether a part is being made, sold or fitted, we all have some responsibility in ensuring that the right part is supplied for the right vehicle, and that parts conform to both regulatory standards, as well as those required for the vehicle itself.

Assuring Quality

If a good cataloguing system is being used properly, it’s now virtually impossible to order or supply the wrong part. However, factors are often still using the practice of cross-referencing to try to find cheaper alternatives, and it is here that the risk of error creeps in. Type approval cannot be simplified to similar parts from different manufacturers being direct alternatives. Just because a BM part and a competitor’s part can both be used on one vehicle, for example, it doesn’t mean that they can both be used on all of the vehicles that the BM part is type approved for. Homologation is much more specific than that and should be taken seriously. You have to ask yourself, if the alternative to one manufacturer’s part is not listed in the cataloguing system but seemingly has a cross reference, why is this?

Automated plasma cutters at work

The Answer to the Quality Question

We’ve built our reputation for exceeding expectations in all areas, including ensuring that we are compliant when it comes to legislative requirements. We’re proud to consider ourselves a supplier that our partners can rely on to deliver the right product at the right time, with a stringent focus and commitment to quality being at the forefront of everything we do.

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BM Catalysts has just completed exhibiting across the Channel at the 25th Equip Auto trade show at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The leading manufacturer’s sales and marketing teams were stationed at Stand 1 M 011, where the team were ready to discuss and offer reassurance as to how the company is prepared for a number of possible outcomes surrounding Brexit. They also offered insight into how BM Catalysts will help customers make the most of any changes, not least by offering access to Europe’s widest range of high-quality catalytic converters, DPFs, front pipes and long-term partnership solutions.

With the continuing ability of Equip Auto to bring together senior industry decision makers from across France and beyond, the event was also a perfect avenue for BM Catalysts to promote the quality of its products and the increasing expansion of its already market-leading range. Since the last Equip Auto exhibition which took place in 2017, BM Catalysts has released over 300 new parts, including many Euro 6 references. This year alone, the company has already added in excess of 100 new part numbers to its ever-expanding range, with over 30% being Euro 6 references which meet the strictest emissions standards set to date.

BM Catalysts Commercial Director Mark Blinston

Mark Blinston, Commercial Director at BM Catalysts stated, on the first day of the show: “We’re very pleasantly surprised with the number of visitors coming in to attend the show. We’re delighted with the high footfall at our stand and the positive engagement we’re receiving from our French partners so far. France is now our second biggest export market so we’re very excited to be here showcasing the quality of, not only the physical products we have to offer, but also the level of the support and knowledge we can provide to our partners, all with the aim of exceeding expectations of the aftermarket.”

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With the UK supposedly set to leave the EU in a matter of weeks, businesses are busy preparing for any potential repercussions of the country’s withdrawal from partnerships that guaranteed the free movement of goods within the European Union. There are natural and well-founded concerns amongst many factors that their supply chains could be disrupted and imported goods may become prohibitively expensive for customers, leading to delays and price hikes for everyone, from manufacturers to motorists. There are also questions lingering over how, or if, quality standards may change in light of the UK no longer being bound by EU legislation. These are certainly challenging times but there’s also plenty of light at the end of the Eurotunnel, courtesy of BM Catalysts.

 The BM Catalysts Way

BM Catalysts is proud to be a UK manufacturer and has become Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket catalytic converters, DPFs and front pipes through an unwavering commitment to relentless research and development, the highest standards of engineering excellence, and extensive support to enable customers to build their own potential for profit.

For UK customers, the scale of our operations and dedication to our founding values means they can rest assured that our products and services are stable and will remain the best on the market. We are, of course, experiencing and expecting further surges in demand for our parts from Europe, but we are well prepared. We have increased production throughout 2019 and invested a large amount into a third UK warehouse. The new site is now operational, with its scale and location in the centre of the country already paying dividends for customers in terms of even better availability and faster deliveries. This is helping us build better partnerships with factors as the need for them to hold deeper stock decreases, reducing duplications and increasing cash flow. These things are major concerns for most businesses in and out of the automotive aftermarket at the moment and we believe the positive impact of investments like ours should not be overlooked.

Another major area of investment continues to be in manufacturing processes that allow us to exceed quality standards. We are clear that we will remain staunchly dedicated to balancing the need for high quality parts with a desire to keep costs as low as possible. Technicians can be assured that BM Catalysts parts will still be precision engineered so that they are quick and easy to fit, and factors will see that we will continue to support them as far as we can by keeping prices as competitive as possible.

Well Prepared

Through many months of exhaustive preparation, we will make the UK’s transition out of Europe as smooth as possible for all of our customers. Despite the uncertainty that has surrounded the country’s decision to leave the EU, we have continued to invest heavily in our UK operations. The commitment to do so has always enabled us to develop the widest range of high-quality aftermarket parts and deliver them to customers at the right price and the right time. Brexit will not change that. We will still work tirelessly to provide world-class support and help to our customers and our unwavering dedication to helping our partners increase their profits will also remain unchanged.


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BM Catalysts will be making its way to Paris, France for the 25th Equip Auto trade show this October to showcase its world-class manufacturing and partner-first approach to business. Following its recent successful attendance at Automechanika Birmingham earlier this year, the company aims to sustain the same positivity and engagement across the channel through the much-anticipated event.

BM Catalyst’s 2019 stand

With the expected presence of big industry names and visitors from over 50 countries, the renowned trade event is the perfect avenue for BM Catalysts to also exhibit its expanding market-leading product range. Since Equip Auto 2017, BM Catalysts has released a total of 307 new high-quality aftermarket parts into the European market, which includes a number of Euro 6 references. This range expansion has increased French car parc coverage by over 14 million since the last show in 2017, and accounts for 31% of the staggering 44 million more European vehicles covered by BM Catalysts’ range additions over the past two years alone.

In line with Equip Auto’s “repairing today, preparing tomorrow” theme for this year, BM Catalysts will be available throughout the duration of the show to discuss the future of emissions and technology, and offer insight into how the company can help prepare businesses for these changes by having access to Europe’s widest range of high-quality aftermarket catalysts and DPFs and long-term partnership solutions.

New strapline will appear on promotional material.

Commenting on the manufacturer’s participation in the event, Mark Blinston, Commercial Director at BM Catalysts stated: “This year’s event will be our seventh Equip Auto attendance and we’ve witnessed some tremendous growth over the years. We’re delighted with the increased interest and positive feedback we continue to receive from the French market, so we’re excited to be attending Equip Auto again in October. With emissions and Euro level compliance remaining a big talking point across Europe, Equip Auto is a great platform for us to demonstrate our expertise and the level of commitment we put into ensuring we always exceed the aftermarket’s expectations on quality, whether that be by investing in the latest state-of-the-art machinery, to ensuring our products are fully compliant with necessary legislation, and everything else in between.”


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Following a brand review earlier this year, BM Catalysts have launched a new campaign which was officially exhibited at Automechanika Birmingham in June. The campaign focuses on the importance of quality, something BM Catalysts hold as one of their core values, adopting a new strapline, “Those who know quality, know BM”.

Quality has always been a topic of discussion in the industry, from materials and cataloguing, to legislative requirements and customer support. As Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket catalytic converters and DPFs, BM Catalysts lead the way in bringing a partner-first approach to their business.

Modern production facility

Their dedication to exceeding the aftermarket’s expectations is not only focused on the quality of its products but reflected in every aspect of their business.

From their two hi-tech manufacturing facilities, BM Catalysts bring innovative product development and precision engineering to the aftermarket. What really sets BM Catalysts apart is their continual investment in latest state-of-the-art machinery. With over 90% of all components used being manufactured in-house, this allows for the highest levels of quality control at all levels. These processes include the use of CNC technology to refine design, allowing for quick production of large batches of components whilst guaranteeing accurate repeatability. These advanced techniques help ensure everything from sub-components to finished products are designed to the highest possible quality and fit.

Laser mapping

Laser-mapping equipment is also used to replicate parts to fit vehicles exactly, ensuring an OE standard fit, whilst proven processes mean customers can benefit from both precise automated production, as well as their team’s quality-focused approach to final assembly. All parts are rigorously checked and tested to exceed quality and performance standards and all homologated catalysts and DPFs are tested in accordance with the latest regulations, guaranteeing total confidence in their performance in comparison with an OE product.

Automated plasma cutters at work

BM Catalysts manufacture parts from 409 grade stainless steel as preferred by OE manufacturers due to its strength and resistance to corrosion and their own 1D tube benders are used to create the extremely tight bends required in the pipework of their tubular maniverters.

Mark Blinston, Commercial Director comments on the importance of a quality-focused approach, “Quality is hugely important to us for so many different reasons. Our partners and their customers have ever increasingly high expectations over the quality of emissions products so it’s important that we don’t just follow the pack in adopting an ‘it will do attitude’ and that we continue to exceed the expectations of the market. The level of investment we have made and continue to make in quality, is enabling us to improve processes and techniques on an ongoing basis, to embed the value of quality even further”.

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Start-stop technology is here; Clarios, the global battery manufacturer behind the VARTA brand estimates as of 2020 every 3rd car that enters a workshop will be equipped with start-stop technology. This technology transition is supporting the reduction of fuel consumption and can save drivers up to 15% in fuel, during inner city driving. This however, presents workshops with a new challenge when it comes to changing a car battery, with replacements becoming more difficult and time-consuming.


Complexities of modern vehicles

Battery fitting is getting more complex for workshops and installing a replacement battery on a new vehicle can take well over an hour. This is due to the increasing number of batteries being installed in difficult-to-reach places, such as under the seats or behind panels inside the cabin rather than beneath the bonnet. The number of steps to change a battery is therefore increasing, as removing seats and panels takes time and often diagnostic equipment is required for re-programming the battery to the Battery Management System (BMS). An example of a complex battery changeover is a Volkswagen Touareg, which has 28 steps to remove the old battery and install the new replacement battery, and takes 72 minutes! Therefore as a technician you should feel confident charging a customer for labour time on these types of time consuming battery jobs.

Models Old vs. New

In the table below are some of the most difficult battery replacements on modern vehicles. As you can see, some vehicle models have particularly complex fitments due to the accessibility and location of the battery. When you compare this to an older vehicle’s battery change, which could take 5 to 10 minutes, you can see why additional labour time is required.

Why an AGM or EFB are needed?


Many vehicle drivers are surprised that when a replacement battery for their vehicle with a start-stop system and lots of electrical consumers is required, the cost associated with the new battery is more than initially expected. However, when you look at the power a battery is required to provide on these new vehicle types, it is understandable to see why a more robust battery is needed. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) have been designed to cater for the increasing electrical demands, and fitting a traditional flooded battery will not provide the power needed to accurately engage the start-stop function or cope with the additional vehicle starts. In addition, an infotainment screen, smartphone interface and wi-fi output are all commonplace on the latest vehicle types, however 20 years ago, no one would have known what these mean. Today, these are but a few of the features modern car batteries have to power – along with their foremost job, starting the vehicle.

VARTA AGM and EFB batteries are designed for the modern day vehicle with modern technology. When installing a replacement battery, it is vital that the correct type of battery technology is fitted to the vehicle.


Like for Like

Nowadays there are several types of battery technology, not just the conventional ‘flooded’ lead acid battery which has traditionally been used as the starter battery, but also 2 new lead acid types; Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB). Depending on the type of vehicle and the amount of electrical power needed to supply the starting functions and electrical consumers, determines whether an AGM, EFB or Conventional will be required. When replacing an old battery, it is important to replace like-for-like or like-for-better technologies, and not to fit a conventional battery to a vehicle with a start/stop system (the vehicle won’t function properly for very long). Fitting the correct battery technology type first time, will keep your customers happy and on the road and help you avoid costly repeat repair work. If in doubt, consult the vehicle handbook or you can check the VARTA Partner Portal to ensure you’re fitting the correct battery technology.


Importance of testing every vehicle


To ensure a complete and thorough service VARTA recommend performing a battery test on all vehicles coming into a workshop.

With most vehicles entering the workshop just 1 time per year on average, it is important for a technician to perform a battery test on the vehicle, as they likely won’t see it for at least another 12 months – even when not in for a battery related job. With 40% of national breakdowns resulting from a direct result of battery failure, there are many car’s batteries not being checked until it is too late and the vehicle won’t start. Accurate testing can identify batteries in a poor condition and could result in a new battery being fitted, keeping your customers happy and on the road.

Be confident informing your customers that it is only 0.8 Volts between test results being Green and Red. That’s LESS than a AAA battery (1.5V)! Despite only a small difference in Voltage, there is a huge difference in battery performance.


VARTA Partner Portal


VARTA were the first-ever AGM batteries fitted by OE manufacturers in 2003. In Europe today, 8 out of 10 newly manufactured vehicles with a start-stop system powered by an AGM, come with a VARTA.

Workshops can directly benefit from the expertise of the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries by accessing the free to use VARTA Partner Portal.

To access this, interested workshops should visit the VARTA partner portal ( to register on any internet enabled device, tablet or smart phone.

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