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Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 09.53.47Technical Information for Garages about the Ford Focus

Sven Nielsen, Technical Director from MEYLE, says the Focus has serious following problems:

1. Weak hydro-bushing on the front axle

Problem: Weak sealing of the hydro-bushing, hydraulic fluid leaks out. Noise as well as reduced driving and braking safety.

MEYLE-HD-Solution: Replacing the hydro-bushing with a full rubber bushing.

Advantage: No more leakage, significant longer lifetime without restriction of driving comfort.

2. Frequent wear of rear axle components e.g. control arm bushings

Problem: Rapid wear of main components and fasteners. Noise and reduced driving safety. Solution: Provision of all required components in a kit. Wide range of accessories included. Perfectly matched components. Precision manufacturing with tested quality.

Advantage: Longer lifetime and optimal parts selection for servicing requirements.

3. Frequent wear of  front axle stabilizer links

Problem: Intense strain causes wear and stress of the components. Premature failure of the ball joint and noise from the front axle.

Solution: Enlarged ball diameter (22 mm). Reinforced link rod. MEYLE high-tech grease. Wear resistant blue plastic seat.

Advantage: Significantly longer service life thanks to reinforced design.

4. Replacement of the rear axle bushing is very difficult

It is difficult to exchange the rear axle bushing. You can make it easier with SAUER tools. Your advantage: more efficient, more convenient and cost saving. Therefore we recommend use following special tool from Sauer.

5. Often worn out tie rod ends

Problem: Intense strain and high surface pressure wears on the tie rod end (head Ø 22 mm). Noise and play in the steering.

Solution: Increased diameter of the ball head of the tie rod end to 25 mm.

Advantage: Increase of load bearing capacity ensures a significant longer lifetime.

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