CAT’s Inside Line: Meyle

1. Thinking beyond – corrosion-resistant screw for Audi-multi-link axles

(e.g. included in MEYLE kit 116 050 0165/HD)


It is often difficult to remove the screw holding the upper control arms on Audi multi-link axles installed in Audi A4 models build from 2008 on. With the wheel carrier made from aluminium and the screw made from steel, a chemical reaction is triggered between the two materials making it very difficult to loosen and remove the screw again. If this is the case, special tools are required. In the worst case, the complete wheel carrier could be damaged and has to be replaced.

MEYLE Solution:

The MEYLE solution is a screw designed with a high quality anti-corrosion finish. It consists of three different layers: zinc-nickel alloy, passivated thick film and black cataphoretic final coating. Subjected to a 480-hour salt spray endurance test the coating of the MEYLE screw testified to its superior corrosion resistance.

The MEYLE screw is much easier to remove eliminating entirely the need for special tools. This saves repair shops precious time and money.

2. Often worn out tie rod ends (116 020 0029/HD and 116 020 0030/HD)


Intense strain and high surface pressure wears on the tie rod end (head Ø 25 mm). Noise and play in the steering.

MEYLE-HD Solution:

Increased diameter of the ball head of the tie rod end to 26 mm. Ball joints with ultra wear-resistant synthetic ball sockets. The reduction of the surface pressure ensures a significant longer lifetime.

3. Weak hydro bushing on the front axle (100 610 0018/HD)


Leakage of hydro fluid due to high dynamic loads and only partial rubber-metal bond makes noise and reduced driving and braking safety.

MEYLE-HD Solution:

Replacement of the hydromount with an optimized full-rubber mount with a generously-dimensioned rubber-metal bond. You will have a longer service life without impairing safety or comfort.

4. Wheel bearing on the front axle (100 650 0010)


High dynamic loads lead to high wear on the bearing.

On 4 wheel driven cars (Audi quattro) it is mounted on all 4 wheel carrier.

MEYLE Solution:

Delivery of the MEYLE high quality bearing with all necessary accessories for a professional and quick replacement

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