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Sven Nielsen, Technical Director from MEYLE, says the Peugeot 308 has serious following problems:

1. Frequently worn out brake discs (11-15 521 0018/PD)


Worn out brake discs affect the braking behavior of the vehicle. Rust may play a major role in this case.

MEYLE Solution: Thinking beyond – corrosion-resistant platinum brake disc for Peugeot (11-15 521 0018/PD)

The MEYLE solution is a brake disk covered with a specially developed zinc multi-layer coating.  The MEYLE PD coating simply provides better anti-corrosion protection.

–       MEYLE subjected their MEYLE PD brake disc to a ten day comparative test with a conventional brake disc from the aftermarket and an original disc which was also coated. The salt spray test designed to simulate the influences of corrosion was carried out in the quality laboratory at MEYLE in Hamburg.

Compared to the conventional brake disc which showed intense rusting over the entire surface area after 240 hours, the MEYLE PD brake disc displayed only a small amount of white rusting and isolated patches of rust on the surface and on the bores of the inner surface. The coated original brake disc also showed severe rusting close to the bores, increased rusting at the edges and also white rusting.

–       The highlight: unlike uncoated discs which must have the grease removed before fitting, MEYLE PD brake discs save the workshops time, as they are ready to be assembled.

–       Cross-grinding guarantees the bedding-in process.

–       Furthermore, MEYLE offers support through an additional service feature. This includes instructions on how to replace brake discs and brake pads.

–       MEYLE brake pads feature damping shims fitted to the reverse side of pad’s support plate. These shims are designed to decouple vibration and prevent brake squeal.

2. Often worn out stabiliser links (11-16 060 0000/HD)


Intense strain and high surface pressure wears and stresses on the ball joint (head Ø 16-20 mm). This causes to a premature failure of the ball joint, makes noise from the front axle.

MEYLE-HD Solution (11-16 060 0000/HD):

Increased diameter of the ball head of the tie rod end to 22 mm. Ball joints with ultra wear-resistant synthetic ball sockets with high-tech grease. The reduction of the surface pressure ensures a significant longer lifetime.

3. Weak rubber to metal bushing on the front axle (11-14 610 0016/HD)


Excessive strain of the rubber to metal compound due to increased dynamic forces makes loud noise and reduced driving and braking safety.

MEYLE-HD Solution (11-14 610 0016/HD):

Strengthening and optimizing the rubber to metal compound consistency and the use of higher quality elastomer. You will have a longer service life without impairing safety or comfort.

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