George Osborne has announced a review of the MOT frequency, proposing that the first MOT for cars and motorbikes be increased from three years to four.

In his budget speech, the Chancellor said: “We will consult on extending the deadline for new cars and motorbikes to have their first MOT test from 3 years to 4 years, which would save motorists over £100m a year”.

This suggestion has not gone down well with the trade. The RMI’s Independent Garage Association Director Stuart James said: “The government seems to take the view that the MOT is a burden on motorists – we think that motorists deserve more credit than that. Road safety is a priority for them and their families and they understand that roadworthiness testing of vehicle is an important part of making our roads among the safest in Europe.”

The Chancellor didn’t specify when the consultation might start, or how wide reaching it might be. However, it is notable that the wording of the speech excluded vans as it is has been noted in previous frequency reviews that vehicles in MOT class VII generally lead a much harder life and need more frequent checks.

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  1. prayer mat says:

    as usual these big wigs have all these wonderful ideas!!!lets see him in a workshop and reception listening to the sad old oh we cant afford that repair right now it will have to wait – or the usual does it have to be done now.
    he has probably done the maths and only x amount of people will die due to poor vehicle maintenance.
    why should he care anyway how will it affect him in downing street.

  2. Parts Boy says:

    It is quite clear the chancellor hasn’t spent 5 minutes inside a decent independent workshop. If he had he would realise what a dangerous state a poorly maintained three to four year old car can look like. Brakes, tyres, suspension, to name but a few, can all be completely shot to bits.

    He’s endangering the public to keep big business happy, and not for the first time!


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