Do you pay your taxes?

Just settled down to lunch at my desk, flicked on the BBC website news and discovered that George Osborne was “shocked” to discover that some of the UK’s richest residents have been paying virtually no tax.

This is George Osborne our Chancellor of the Exchequer, by the way, not a random George Osborne who drinks at the Three Dirty Ducks every Tuesday evening with Dave Two Fingers from the bookies.

So, our Chancellor of the Exchequer is surprised that the rich have been avoiding paying tax? Besides swearing loudly at my screen, there are two conclusions to this.

Firstly, if George Osborne, our Chancellor, is genuinely shocked to discover this most obvious of facts, our economy is in terrible hands and we’re all going down with the captain of the ship.

Secondly, George Osborne, our Chancellor, has grossly underestimated the intelligence of hard-working, tax-paying individuals and businesses if thinks that the we’re stupid enough to actually believe this.

Right, where’s my Twix?

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