Government in common sense decision shock

WOW! In an almost unprecedented outbreak of common sense, the Government has decided to listen to those who know best and keep MOT intervals at 3-1-1. Thank all manner of gods, gurus and saints for that.

I’m not sure whether I want to laugh or cry about the fact proposed changes were suggested in the first place, but I had been starting to think that the Government was looking for a quiet way to back out of the woods it had wandered into.

I was becoming a little worried that the industry was forcing the Government into a corner with its constant, but totally justified, complaints, and that it would bite back as a result.

As it happens, transport secretary Justine Greening has said many, many sensible things and detailed some other moves the Government wants to make to beef up standards at MOT stations and improve the confidence that consumers have in the aftermarket.

This is, of course, fantastic news since all of you reading CAT have tip-top standards already – don’t you? Only the businesses that undercut and undervalue the work the rest of the industry does have anything to fear.

Consumers are the ultimate bedrock of the aftermarket, so the more confidence they have in the industry, the more cash it stands to make.

I know codes of conduct aren’t the flavour of the month with many in the industry, but if anything can bolster the image of the aftermarket – particularly with the suggestion of more mystery shopping, perhaps – it has to be welcomed.

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