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Sven Nielsen, Technical Director from MEYLE, says the following difficulties may arise with the Alfa Romeo 159:

Worn out control arms


In this model, the bushings as well as the ball joints can fail prematurely due to heavy load and a high dynamic strain. As consequence, ball joints often wear out prematurely because they are mostly small dimensioned. Typical for the OE part is also an extreme local stretching of the rubber and failure-prone rubber plain bearings that lead to tears and premature failure of the bushings. The effects are vibration and loud noise from the front axle as well as reduced driving and braking safety.

MEYLE solution:

In our MEYLE-HD control arms we have optimised the ball joints by using a wear-resistant plastic seat and a precision ball pin, lubricated with MEYLE high-tech grease. The MEYLE rubber bushings have an enhanced part design developed in cooperation with the original equipment manufacturer market leader for automotive vibration control components. We have replaced the rubber plain bearings by torsion-resistant rubber compound. The stresses within the bushings are distributed more evenly. There is also less stretching of rubber, even under excessive strain.

Damaged glow plugs


Cold starting problems due to damaged glow plugs.

MEYLE solution:

MEYLE offers high-quality glow plugs designed to provide great durability even at sub-zero temperatures. Using a latest-generation Kanthal wire ensures rapid temperature generation in the combustion chamber and offers exceptionally long service life.

Worn out brake discs


Worn out brake discs affect the braking behaviour of the vehicle negatively. Rust and corrosion may play a major role in this case.

MEYLE solution:

Brake discs are subject to demanding external factors including heat, salt and moisture, making utmost resistance of the coating an essential performance criterion.

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