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1 and 3 series cars built between 4 and 14 March 2006 can be susceptible to Brake servo failure, another VOSA recall. The sealing ring may have not been lubricated correctly at fitting, which leads to excessive wear and in some cases the seal to fall into the servo. Initially noticeable as a hissing noise in cabin from the pedal area, possibly leading to a loss of braking assistance. Fahren recommends replacing the servo unit which overcomes the issue.


·         VOSA issued a recall for cars built between May and September 2004 regarding the security of the rear axle as the control arm may not have been secured properly. Excessive play may be resolved by tightening, otherwise the control arm has to be replaced.

·         1,5,7 series, X3 & X5 diesels built between 20/8/08 & 12/6/09 could experience water entering a fuel filter heater connection which could lead to a fire while driving. Shorting in this connector while the car is parked can also lead to the battery draining and causing non start situations. Technicians should bear this in mind when diagnosing battery failures and heavy discharge situations. A VOSA recall was issued for effected vehicles.

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