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Diesel engine models fitted with Variable Geometry turbos can suffer with the Variable Geometry turbo sticking which results in a loss of power/performance and the engine management light coming on storing a fault code for turbo boost condition. The fault is caused by incomplete combustion and soot particles in the exhaust gases stick to the turbo vanes that are baked on due to heat. This can also happen after the vehicle has been sitting at speed on the motorway for a long period. For example, when stopping at services, the next start-up can cause an over boost situation where the vanes of the turbo are stuck open. In some cases this can blow the intake pipe off the air box. To cure the fault it is recommended to add Forté’s Diesel Turbo Cleaner and Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment into the fuel tank, carry out a Clean & Protect treatment: 45 minute Advanced Formula Motor Flush adding Forté Oil System Protector to the new oil and carry out a road test with varying loads and engine speeds.


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