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Injection nozzle/injector – Function, Combustion knocking, Loss in power, Engine warning light is on, Starting problems, Ignition misfire

BMW 325i

Reference number(s): 0013800100
Fault symptoms: Engine warning light is on Non-concentric engine running Engine has starting problems on starting. Low engine power
Causes: Injection nozzle/injector defective
Remedy: Replace injection nozzle/injector.

Injection nozzle/injector – Function, Non-concentric engine running

BMW 325i

Reference number(s): 0013050200
Fault symptoms: Non-concentric engine running Injection nozzle/injector defective
Causes: Production defect.
Remedy: Check injection nozzle/injector, replace if necessary.

Fuel pump – Engine dies

BMW 325d

Reference number(s): 0016420100
Fault symptoms: Engine dies.
Causes: Production defect.
Remedy: Check fuel pump Replace the fuel pump.

High-pressure pump – Increased wear

BMW 325i

Reference number(s): 0013830100
Fault symptoms: Increased wear (High-pressure petrol injection pump )
Causes: Production defect.
Remedy: Replace high-pressure pump for fuel injection.

Engine – independent heating

BMW 320i

Reference number(s): 0061100300
Fault symptoms: Engine-independent heating has no function.
Causes: erratic coolant flow
Remedy: Replace fuse box. Replace engine-independent heating. (If required)

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