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VOSA issued a number of recalls for various models of the BMW 5 Series.

Models, built between Nov 2007 and Feb 2011 were recalled to address a possible short circuit in the multi-plug of the coolant pump for the turbocharger. The problem leads to heat build-up in the pump, causing the plug and housing to melt. Technicians diagnosing reasons for the EML illuminating should bear in mind that replacement of the pump is the only resolution.

It has also been noted that M5’s built between July 2012 and 29 Sept 2012 may experience a lack of oil pressure while driving, triggered by an oil pump failure. Should a technician detect this condition, all parts of the engine must be checked, as cylinder block damage may be expected.

In a similar manner, technicians diagnosing poor braking performance should investigate the condition of the servo diaphragm and check the servo hose for contamination, as a replacement may be required. To cite an example, 5 Series built between Oct 2001 and Nov 2009 were recalled due to oil entering the brake servo, damaging the internal diaphragm and reducing the assistance provided, thus requiring an increased effort on the brake pedals while applying brakes.

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