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Water Pumps

Although from 2009 an up-rated water pump was introduced to remedy the problem, the water pump originally fitted to the model range between 2005-2009 was prone to failure after 3 years or so. In order to combat this problem, First Line offer two up-rated water pumps to cater for these vehicles: FWP2115 for the 1.0 litre models and FWP1949 for 1.4HDi models.

The original plastic housing for FWP1949 has also now been replaced by aluminium because the plastic version would become brittle and crack when going through hot and cold cycles.

Steering & Suspension

Failure of the electric power steering ECU is a very common fault for the Peugeot 107, Citroen C1, and Toyota Aygo. When the fault occurs the steering becomes very heavy and the power steering light will appear on the instrument cluster. The fault can often be intermittent, so restarting the car can clear the problem for a while, but it does generally tend to re-occur.

If the steering becomes heavy outside of the known ECU fault, the steering should be checked because the rack ends and the outer tie rod ends (First Line part numbers FTR5495 and FTR5443) could well need replacing.


The 107/C1/Aygo is also known to suffer from short clutch life with its 180mm diameter original equipment clutch. Borg & Beck offer a directly interchangeable 190mm diameter alternative (HK 2327), which should provide a longer service life.

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