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Ignition coils and lead sets are often requested from Cambiare due to hard-starting and misfires. In fact, 33 percent of the top-selling Cambiare parts for this model are ignition coils, whilst nearly 20 percent are lead sets. Technicians should take care when replacing lead sets on this model as the end that fits the spark plug has a transit plug fitted to protect the spring. Remove the transit plug before fitment of new leads. Failure to do so will result in misfire as the lead will jump off the plug after a few miles.

There are often reports of oil leaking past the internal seal causing the internal mechanism to fail. Oil pressure switch replacements are sold regularly (23 percent) and Cambiare advises technicians to check the oil pressure switch when searching for the root of an oil leak.

A failing crank sensor can also cause hard-starting, loss of power and misfires and Cambiare has also seen a number of demands for replacements (10 percent of Cambiare’s part sales for this model).

Cambiare’s hotline received problems regarding:

  • A failing engine management temperature sensor which causes the engine to run rough, power loss, hard hot and cold starting and increased fuel consumption; so should be a starting point when diagnosing cars with similar symptoms.

The reverse lights not working when reverse gear is engaged (and ignition on). The next likely cause from a blown bulb is the reversing light switch itself.

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