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Ford’s popular ‘Ka’ – what you need to know about Steering & Suspension problems.

When the Ford Ka was introduced in 1995, it was something of a design revelation. From slow initial sales, the model was quickly taken to the hearts of the British motoring public. Through the years, it sold pretty constantly at around 60,000 registrations annually, so there are lots of these popular little runabouts on our roads and hence a good opportunity for those in the repair business.

Between the years 1996 to 2008, the Ka suffered from a common failure – that of the front suspension bush, even though a similar fault had bothered the Fiesta, which was changed in 1995. The Ka, however, kept the bush design, and the problem.
The bush is vertically aligned and so suffers from high weight load stress. FAI, acclaimed for its up to date and high quality Steering and Suspension range, has an excellent replacement component that will be a worthy replacement for the original bush. Designated part number SS393, the bush is readily available and will provide an absolute bolt for bolt replacement fit without any hassle.

The Ka also has some other peculiarities that it’s worth knowing about: for example, not only are the wishbones different for manual or power steering (FAI parts are SS807/SS808and SS1061/SS1062 respectively)– they are also different for the ‘Sport’ and ‘StreetKa’ models. They look very similar, but are actually of different dimensions.

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