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Corteco advises garage mechanics to examine the Torsional Vibration Damper pulley on these models for wear. Worn TVDs can adversely affect the performance of other components in the auxiliary belt drive system, which may be replaced in error.

Consequences are customer dissatisfaction when the problems recur and potential drive system failure if the wear continues to go undetected.

As one of the largest suppliers of TVDs, Corteco suggests that TVD replacement – as part of the scheduled drive belt replacement programme – is the sensible and preferred option. Note that TVDs are model specific, TVD bolts are not designed for re-use and must be replaced with the correct bolt for the application. Torque settings are critical.

Corteco also points out that each Corteco part is balanced for the particular application and that detailed instructions concerning the torque and the specific tools required are included in every box.

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