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Hyundai i30 up to 2012

VOSA released a recall for manual cars built during January and February 2012, for a fault with the parking brake mechanism. The mechanism allowed water to ingress and corrosion, resulting in the brake not releasing completely. Technicians looking to resolve a rear brake binding problem should pay attention to the free movement of the handbrake cable and the rear calipers, as both could be the cause of the problem.

The customer reviews for this car are generally good, poor fuel economy came up from time–to-time but this could be down to driving style. The most common issues – and there really aren’t many – are problems with failing electric power steering systems, resulting in very heavy steering and a noisy suspension system. The noise appears to be linked to faulty shock absorbers and/or anti-roll bar drop links. Consequently, FPS noticed steering columns were being replaced to repair the steering problem.

40 percent of Cambiare sales to this model are pre cat lambda sensors, so technicians looking for a cure for poor performance should take live data readings in this area first.

Second position in the Cambiare sales league for the i30 is the engine management temperature sensor at 30 percent. Poor hot/cold starts and high fuel consumption diagnosis should start here, as false readings from this sensor will result in either insufficient or excessive fuel being supplied for the engine temperature.

Third, from Cambiare at 15 percent is the oil pressure switch. False readings or oil leaks will be the cause of its replacement.

The non-illumination of the reverse lights (when the gear is placed in reverse), will be the result of a failed reverse light switch, (providing the bulbs, wiring and fuse are functioning correctly). This part is the 4th best-seller at 10 percent of Cambiare sales.

Finally, air mass sensors came in at five percent of Cambiare’s sales, being replaced to resolve poor running and stalling problems.

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