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Sven Nielsen, Technical Director from MEYLE, says the following difficulties may arise with the Hyundai i30:

Worn out brake discs


Worn out brake discs affect the braking behavior of the vehicle. Rust may play a major role in this case.

MEYLE Solution:

The MEYLE solution is a brake disc covered with a specially developed multi-layer zinc coating. The MEYLE PD coating simply provides better anti-corrosion protection.

• Compared to the conventional brake disc, which showed intense rusting over the entire surface area after 240 hours, the MEYLE PD brake disc displayed only a small amount of white rusting and isolated patches of rust on the surface and on the bores of the inner surface. The coated original brake disc also showed severe rusting close to the bores, increased rusting at the edges and also white rusting.
• The highlight: unlike uncoated discs which must have the grease removed before fitting, MEYLE PD brake discs save the workshops time, as they are ready to be assembled.
• Cross-grinding guarantees the bedding-in process.

Damaged shock absorbers


Many car drivers lack awareness of the vital role shock absorbers play for overall car safety. The parts wear away gradually, many defects are not visible at first glance, but their impact on the overall car system is dramatic. Properly functioning shock absorbers reduce braking distances, ensure excellent roadholding when cornering and trouble-free operation of state-of-the-art driver assistance systems such as ABS, ESP or TCS.


With high-quality shock absorbers from MEYLE for the Hyundai i30 independent workshops are well equipped for the repair of

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these safety-critical components. Even when exposed to highest stress, MEYLE shock absorbers ensure an enhanced driving experience:

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when braking, cornering or riding along bumpy roads. They excel because of the excellent piston rod sealing and their vehicle-specific damping characteristics. Shock absorbers from MEYLE cover a wide range of vehicle applications and carry a distinctive marking signalling: genuine MEYLE quality.
MEYLE also offers rubber buffer (bump stops) and dust cap kits optimally geared to each shock absorber, complemented by a range of strut mounts. This allows workshops to replace wear and tear parts of the suspension and damping systems, relying exclusively on high-grade MEYLE products.

Used cabin air filters


MEYLE prescribes a replacement interval every 15.000 km, or at least once a year. Best would either be spring, before the pollen season starts, or autumn.


Cabin air filters from MEYLE fit their housing

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perfectly, so that no air can get in to the interior of the car unfiltered. Furthermore the filter material of both pollen filters and active carbon filters from MEYLE have a sufficient dust collecting capacity, whereas active carbon filters have sufficient active carbon on the filter material to filter polluted gasses and bad smells as well, in addition to the properties of pollen filters.

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