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Customers generally speak highly of these cars, listing limited isolated faults ­­– mainly electrical.

Engine management temperature sensors (EMTS) can be a problem on these cars and this part is Cambiare’s top seller for the models. Poor starting, hot or cold running, hesitation, poor fuel consumption and/or general poor performance could all be the result of a failing EMTS. Cambiare advises technicians to take live readings from the sensor and compare them to actual engine temperature readings before replacing the sensor.

Poor starting, hesitation and misfire could also be the result of a failing mushroom coil, again a popular Cambiare part for this model. Technicians should therefore bear in mind that the performance of the other engine management sensors should be checked as part of their diagnostic routine. This includes checking the integrity of the wiring before replacing an ignition coil. These cars’ service records and the condition of the spark plugs should also be checked if an ignition fault is suspected.

Hesitation and/or poor fuel economy and an engine management light illuminating could be a sign of a failed or lazy Lambda sensor. Cambiare recommends that technicians should however consider that a code relating to a Lambda fault could be the result of a leaking exhaust manifold gasket or poor electrical connections, causing a normally functioning Lambda sensor to provide a signal that the ECU reads as being outside of its expected range.

Cambiare informs that engine oil leaks and/or the incorrect operation of the oil pressure warning light could be the result of a failing oil pressure switch. Technicians tracing engine oil leaks should be mindful of this switch as part of their diagnosis. Other issues could occur due to oil leaks from the Turbocharger intercooler outlet pipe as well on TDVi models.

Cambiare also mentions that the occurrence of engine faults such as P061A, P1254, P2119 and P2135 – indicating accelerator or throttle body issues– suggest that an upgrade of the ECM software may be needed to fully resolve the problem.

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