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Although owners of the Mercedes E-Class model generally find the cars reliable and well built, they consider the servicing cost to be high.

VOSA has issued a recall for E-Class models in October 2010 to rectify oil leaks generating from the power steering pump/fluid lines connections. Technicians looking to diagnose an oil leak should ascertain the type of fluid that is being lost; what might appear to be an engine oil leak may be PAS fluid leak, coming from this connection.

E Class models built between Nov 2010 and Apr 2011 may also suffer from power steering problems, as the signals reaching the control unit may be implausible.

Technicians should ensure that their diagnosis involves reading live data from the system and a continuity check of the wiring prior to replacing components.

Furthermore, E-Class models built between Aug and Dec 2011 could experience running problems due to the splitting of the charge air hose, causing the engine to go into ‘limp home’ mode. In severe cases, this can lead to a cut-out. Technicians diagnosing poor performance should hence check the security and condition of the hose as part of the procedure.

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