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First Line Turbo Hoses

Over time, in common with any forced induction car, the turbo hoses on the diesel versions of the 207 can fail, which will lead to a loss of power and an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, when servicing or carrying out any other maintenance or repair work, it is beneficial to check the condition of the induction hoses.

Borg & Beck Clutches

Certain models in the 207 range are known to suffer from clutch related problems such as stiff operation, clutch control issues or slipping, which have been identified as relating to the release mechanism, in particular the faulty or incorrect operation of the clutch release bearing.

FLG recommend that to prevent these problems, the clutch guide tube is inspected and, if necessary, replaced during a clutch replacement. This relatively low cost precaution can save time and money in the long term and can help to extend the life of the clutch because left unchanged, the original guide tube, which can often be worn or damaged, can cause any of the aforementioned problems.

It cannot be overstated that when undertaking a clutch replacement it is extremely important to also check the other components in the clutch system and replace where necessary. This is vital in ensuring correct clutch operation. It is also important that all lubrication points in the clutch release system are correctly greased and checked for correct operation, as either the lack of lubrication or a build up of excess grease, can cause release problems.

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