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Steering and Suspension

A common problem with the L322 variant of the Range Rover is heavy steering. Common causes of this problem can include a fault with the power steering pump or a requirement to bleed the power steering fluid, but this could equally be caused by faulty rack ends or tie rod ends.
Hub carrier bushes connecting the rear suspension arms are known to prematurely fail. A telltale sign that this has occurred are unwelcome ‘clonking’ noises that materialise from the rear suspension when driving over bumps and divots. Replacing the rear hub carrier bushes can be problematic and usually requires a large amount of elbow grease and patience.


Bulb failure indicators on the dashboard of the Range Rover L322 can be triggered when replacing blown bulbs with aftermarket LED or non-OE quality bulbs. This is due to the sensitivity of CAN BUS electrical networks.

Oil Leaks

The common diagnosis of an engine oil leak through the oil filter O-ring could also be attributed to failure of the mountings of the oil filter housing. Care should be taken to correctly identify the source of oil leaks and to review the condition of the housing mounts as a possible cause for failure.

Coolant System

In addition to the radiator or coolant system leaks that are prevalent on the Range Rover L322, even on the later Jaguar derived engines, “Check Coolant Level” warnings can also be caused by a faulty coolant sensor. This error may also be caused by the incorrect coolant mixture being added to the system.


On the Range Rover L322 a fault with the front-right-hand or front-left-hand brake caliper bridge pipe can result in brake fluid leak.
The Range Rover L322 is renowned for placing huge demands on its brake pads and discs. As a result these can need replacing as frequently as every 30,000 miles.


The ZF and GM5 automatic gearboxes used in the Range Rover L322 are prone to failure. Initial symptoms would typically be a reluctance to shift gear or the appearance of engine management or gear monitor faults on the dashboard.

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