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VOSA have recalls logged against Megane, for models built from October 2009 to

March 2010, owing to loss of power steering. The fault could happen when the cable that supplies power to the power steering gets worn off. The power supply cable passes through the steering column.

Crankshaft sensors make up 34 percent of sales among the top ten selling Cambiare parts for the Megane. This suggests that it is a weak point for the car. Technicians looking to resolve a non-start problem would be well advised to start their investigations here.

An intermittent misfire could also be the result of a Camshaft sensor failure. Misfires could also be the result of a failing pencil coil, the second best seller in Cambiare’s top ten, taking 17 percent of the sales figures.

It has been found that the reverse light switches in Megane have been a source of problems. So, the output from the switch is a good place for a technician to start with, when trouble shooting a reverse light problem.

Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAFS) rank as the fourth best-selling parts among Cambiare’s range for Renault Megane. Hesitation, poor running, stalling and poor fuel economy could all be owed to MAFS failure. It is advised that technicians suspecting such a failure should check the whole intake system prior to replacement, as air entering the inlet system after the MAF via a split hose etc, will cause the engine management light to illuminate and trigger an MAF trouble code.

Joint fourth best seller with the MAF sensors is the brake light switch. Technicians should bear in mind that stalling, not engaging or disengagement of cruise control and non-illumination of brake lights could all be related to a faulty brake light switch.

Engine Management Temperature Sensors have been found to be problematic on Megane. It is recommended that technicians looking to resolve high fuel consumption or poor hot/cold starting should check the live data from the sensor and compare it to the actual temperature of the engine during their diagnosis.

Oil pressure switches in Megane are equally infamous for the number of replacements required. Technicians tracing engine oil leaks or the cause of a non-illuminating oil pressure warning light should start here.

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