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Certain models in the Mégane range feature gearboxes with a self-adjusting clutch (SAC), which can be tricky to fit if the correct replacement process is not followed. Therefore, Borg & Beck recommend that before beginning the job technicians ensure that the self-adjusting springs on the replacement SAC remain compressed and have not become extended because of mishandling.

Although replacement normally requires the use of a mounting tool set, the cover can be fitted by using a driven plate centralising tool and an additional set of nine flywheel bolts with a 5mm longer thread stem. This will allow the clutch cover to be pulled onto the flywheel evenly, preventing de-adjustment caused by twisting during fitting.

The longer bolts will eventually ‘bottom out’, when they can be replaced one at a time with the original bolts, before evenly tightening them to the manufacturers recommended torque. After the releaser and gearbox have been refitted, operate the clutch pedal a few times to settle the clutch self-adjust mechanism before starting the engine.


Care must be taken when servicing the injection computer on some models in the Mégane line up. If it is not serviced correctly, or not serviced at all, it can affect the ABS system and therefore the overall performance of the braking system, leading to an increase in wear of the brake components and the need to replace the brake pads and discs.

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