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It is not uncommon for the water pump on the 1.2 and 1.6 versions of the Vauxhall/Opel Corsa to need replacement. The First Line technical team however has received a number of calls from workshops that have undertaken the replacement and complained of excessive noise from the pumps following installation.

The noise is caused by the impellor fouling the inside of the cylinder block cavity and after detailed examination, the team has found that the pumps that have been returned for inspection have not been installed correctly.

Missing-DowelAs a result First Line has issued a technical bulletin to highlight this problem and which clearly states the procedure to ensure the correct installation of the replacement pump.

When removing the old water pump, technicians must make sure that the locating dowels have not come out of the cylinder block and got stuck in the water pump that is being replaced. Without these dowels, it is difficult to guarantee the water pump is located in the correct position and the likely result will be the impellor fouling on the cylinder block as previously described.

Damaged-ImpellorThe images  illustrate a water pump that has sustained damage to the impellor as a result of no locating dowels being fitted, and a mounting hole that clearly shows no evidence of a dowel having been fitted.

By taking a moment to check these dowels are present technicians will ensure the replacement pump doesn’t sustain any damage when starting the engine and save the cost and inconvenience of having to refit another replacement.

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