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On 2.0CDTI Diesel Models the Starter Motor can fail due to DMF/Clutch dust resulting in the Starter Motor being stuck in the engaged position. The same engine suffers a VERY common issue with Alternator pulley collapsing or seizing due to the TVD (Torsional Vibrational Damper) rubber insert degrading or breaking up, the causes major excessive load on the belt system from the Crank pulley, which is where the TVD is situated behind. We supply with every Alternator supplied to this application, and this is of course reciprocated in greater detail on our website. This one is a MAJOR issue we advise thorough checking of the TVD and belts system if a noisy alternator or pulley failure has occurred– if you need further information let me know.

Another issue known to affect Insignia models both Petrol and Diesel, MY 2009, the ignition key might stick and does not return into ‘run’ position. After 15 seconds the “Transport mode” becomes activated and the battery charging message flashes. We advise repairers to grease the ignition lock and program the Body Control Module (BCM) on all affected vehicles.

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