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Inside Line Vauxhall Insignia 08

There have been issues with the differential seal on some Vauxhall Insignia models.

The Corteco response is part no. 01033292B.

Given that sales of this part number in 2013 were up six-fold on the previous year, the evidence suggests that this component is increasingly in demand.

However, Corteco advises that replacement of this component can be a tricky routine and special care must be taken to:

a) Follow the appropriate procedure specified by the manufacturer
b) Remove the old seal using the correct seal removal tool (i.e not a screwdriver)
c) Use the correct tool to align and insert the replacement seal (i.e not a hammer)

Corteco warns that a scratched internal surface or a damaged lip on the shaft, for example, might easily compromise the performance of the replacement seal, leading to a subsequent leak and the ultimate failure of the seal.

Corteco also supplies seal removal tools and a seal installation tool kit for professional installers. It is one of the few aftermarket suppliers able to provide a complete seals solution from product to installation.

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