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LuK Clutch

When changing the clutch on these vehicles it is vitally important to check for any signs of oil contamination from inside the gearbox. Any leaks should then be rectified before the new clutch is fitted. Failure to rectify these leaks could lead to the new clutch slipping. When the old clutch components are removed from the gearbox carry out a visual comparison of the old clutch and Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) against the new. Don’t be tempted to ignore the CSC replacement when changing the clutch, remember it’s a bearing and the last thing you and your customer want is to be removing the gearbox again. Some variants of these vehicles are also fitted with a Dual Mass Flywheel. This should be checked for wear when the clutch is being changed, using tolerances found in the new DMF CheckPoint app available from Google play and iTunes.

INA Belt drive systems

When changing the timing belt it is important to check all of the FEAD tensioners and idlers as well the OAP for wear at the same time. The pulleys need to rotate smoothly and be free running, whilst the alternator OAP should rotate only one way with the alternator locked. Change any worn belt system components to avoid possible premature failure of the new timing belt.

FAG Wheel Bearings

The front wheel bearings have a magnetic encoder built in to the seal on one side only, and must be fitted the right way round for the ABS to function correctly. Read the instructions thoroughly and check with a magnetic decoder to ensure you put the new bearing in the right way round!

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