Inside Line: TecRMI

Turbo charger loses power

Renault Trafic II Bus 1.9 dCI 80

Reference number(s): 4523A
Fault symptoms: Noises or defect of turbo charger, low engine power, engine dies, engine warning light is on and black smoke formation.
Causes: Turbocharger defective.
Remedy: Replace turbo charger.
NOTE: Use only fibre-free cleaning cloths. Close opening(s). Note radio code.
Only remove new parts not until immediately before installation.
Required spare parts

Allocation by spare parts catalogue:

• FLEXONIC-Connection
• Catalytic converter sealing
• Turbocharger sealing kit
• Turbo charger air inlet pipe
• Engine oil filter
• Metal gasket
• Turbocharger oil pressure line
• Turbocharger oil return line
• Turbo charger


• Open bonnet.
• Note radio code.
• Disconnect battery.
• Remove engine cover(s) if fitted.
• Remove air filter housing.
• Open radiator compensation container.
• Lift vehicle.
• Demount wheel arch liner, front right.
• Place catchment bath underneath.
• Drain coolant.
• Remove front exhaust pipe.
• Remove middle silencer.
• Tie up the exhaust system.
• Flexible exhaust pipes must not be bent by more than 10°

Parking brake and lack of braking action

Nissan Primastar X83 dCi 90

Reference number(s): PN0B3
Fault symptoms: Lack of brake action or parking brake failure.
Causes: Production defect.
Remedy: Replace handbrake cable(s).

Loss in power and engine not starting

Nissan Primastar X83 dCi 90

Reference number(s): PN2B2
Fault symptoms: Engine does not start, loss in power and engine warning light is on.
Causes: Corrosion on the injection nozzles.
Remedy: Replace injection nozzle(s) and seal plenum chamber cover(s).

Manual gearbox runs hard and jams

Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 DTI

TecRMI-Figure-1Reference number(s): 2884
Fault symptoms: 5th and 6th gear hard to be engaged.
Error code(s): P0068, P0076
Causes: Electric cable(s) damaged.
Remedy: Check and, if necessary, repair the electric cable(s).

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