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ZF Services UK offers advice on correct installation of replacement bushes on the front and rear suspension of the Volkswagen Polo

Front wishbone

A modified bush design (LEMFÖRDER part no. 34559 01) is available for the rear mounting of the Polo front wishbone. It does not bear the rubber nodule of the earlier bush to aid alignment during fitting, so use the following procedure:

Holding the new bush above its housing, position the raised inner contact area of the bush towards the opposite side of the car. Now mark the bush where it aligns with the cast mark on the subframe; this is found on the lower edge of the bush housing on the right hand side of the vehicle and on the upper edge on the left hand side of the vehicle. Keeping the marks aligned, press the replacement bush into its housing using suitable tooling. Always replace bushes in pairs to maintain vehicle stability.

Rear trailing arm

The mark on the face of the bush must align with the lower edge of the semi-trailing arm where it joins the bush housing. Always replace bushes in pairs to maintain vehicle stability.

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