Manbat and French compatriots BAT join forces

EURO-BATEcobat Technologies, the parent company of battery distributor Manbat, has announced the acquisition of French trader Batteries Accus Technologies (BAT).

The move highlights Ecobat’s desire to continue its growth and strengthen its position in Europe, as it acquired its fourth European trader for its Global Battery Distribution Division, with Manbat, Hefra in The Netherlands and Belgium’s ACA being the others.

The deal will see BAT operate independently of the other brands and will continue to be managed by current Director Frederic Levert-Frebault, but Manbat will assist it in achieving its developmental strategic plan, which includes introducing the popular UK battery products from Lucas, Varta and Numax into the French market.

Steve Sheppard, Managing Director of Manbat, said: “This latest acquisition demonstrates Ecobat’s commitment to develop the battery distribution division alongside its formidable lead production and recycling capabilities.

“The Manbat marketing and commercial team is looking forward to contributing towards expanding the group’s presence within the French aftermarket, whilst understanding that Frederic and his team will create commercial policies designed to deliver growth.”

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