Police given a bigger advantage by Tracker Locate

Thieves commonly steal keys to minimise damage

Thieves commonly steal keys to minimise damage

The UK’s biggest name in stolen vehicle tracking is to step-up its fight against car thieves with new, more advanced technology.

Tracker has launched new “Locate” system, designed to thwart gangs importing GPS jammers from China to block tracking system.

Locate is more resistant to jamming and combines GSM, GPS and VHF technology in one unit.

With it installed, any attempt to jam communication is instantly recognised and relayed to the police, who will use the VHF technology to track down the stolen vehicle.

Stuart Chapman, police relationship manager for the company, said: “Our work with police forces around the UK shows increasing numbers of vehicles being stolen for illegal export using the docks.”

Tracker devices have helped locate and retrieve over 19k stolen vehicles and have helped police make more than 1900 arrests.

75 per-cent of all stolen cars recovered by Tracker are stolen using the owner’s key, through car jacking, house burglary or in public places.

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