Three branches of Andrew Page have closed, with the accounts and most of the staff being merged into nearby Euro Car Parts locations.

Oldham, Reading and Southampton branches are affected. Of these, Southampton is the newest having been opened to ‘fill the void’ left in the wake of rival Unipart Automotive’s collapse in 2014.


A statement from Euro Car Parts read: “As part of our ongoing commitment to help make to our offering even better, we’ve identified some opportunities to merge a number of neighbouring Andrew Page and Euro Car Parts branches. These integrated branches will cover the same areas with more vans, sales advisors and warehouse teams, providing our customers with consistent delivery times, better stock availability, improved efficiency and new support services”.


“We expect most staff in these branches to transfer to a nearby location and services to our customers will be the same, with only the dispatch point changing. Any employees affected have been informed”.

Andrew Page was acquired by Euro Car Parts when the former went into administration in 2016.

Andrew Page Southampton on opening in 2014

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  1. The end is near says:

    The next one will be MPD, pays staff very poorly no structure or distribution other than Firstline. Makes next to nothing. Avg branch sales are poor and all takeover bids failed within minutes after seeing the accounts. The big 3, one will merge eventually.

  2. Tom says:

    look how many depots they have closed now

    • Parts guy says:

      Perfect excuse for them isn’t it. The statement will read that covid 19 forced them to close the majority of AP branches.. The rest of us all know its total Bu** **it..

    • MadMoo says:

      Ex ap employee ,at a meeting where they were saying which ap branches were shutting they said all are to go eventually and that is what they set out to do remove competition,and this has now been completed
      It was inevitable from day 1

      • Independent Thought says:

        Andrew Page removed themselves!! they were run by incompetent morons who didn’t have a clue what they were doing, that boardroom had more hot air than one of Branson’s Balloons, we all witnessed the stupid, ill thought out idea’s and plans that they put in place, it was destined to fall due to the ill treatment of its staff, if you look after your staff they will look after you, they will remain loyal and motivated, if you freeze pay for over 5 years so staff struggling to raise a young family are forced to choose between food or fuel then I’m afraid you deserve to fall, if you ignore the staff when every appraisal form reads that you need to address stock issues then you deserve to fall, if you remove bonuses and constantly change the goal posts to the point where legal action was threatened in order to get a bonus promised then you deserve to fail, the ENTIRE board of directors that crashed that ship (including those dribbling baboons at Endless at Phoenix) are nothing more than a bunch of secret handshake, boys club daddies money halfwits and I sincerely hope they ALL get their Karma

  3. KEITH SMITH says:

    judging by the way the Andrew Page website has not been updated since the start of last year gives you the indication of what they has got planned for the company.
    Its obviously being removed from the market place.

  4. Mr F says:

    AP tech also been given the boot now. Makes you wonder what’s happening.

  5. DAVE ANGEL says:

    Norwich branch has now been closed and most of the staff moved to euros.

    3 People have been made redundant

  6. DAVE ANGEL says:

    Apparently the latest branch to meet this fate is going to be Norwich on the 7th of October according to the flyers they have sent round to their customers.

  7. Sebastian Jonnson says:

    This is just the beginning. A quick check shows there are in excess of 12 motor factors in Southampton. Throw in the OE parts operations and I would guess a garage could have over 20 companies delivering parts on any given day.

    I can see the big three having to take out cost – this can only be achieved by reducing stock and or people. Branches will have to close as there are simply too many.

    • MR A says:

      Hardly surprising that Southampton has closed it should have never opened. Poorly laid out building in the wrong location parking none existent and too much local competition it was destined to fail from the word go along with all the rest of the Andrew page new branches that were opened at huge cost in the 2 years of madness that ultimately was responsible for the company going to the wall. The new development team as they were called at the time have a lot to answer for.

  8. MR B says:

    What a surprise!

    wont be long now till the rest of the network will be “Merged” into Euro’s”

    RIP Andrew Page.

    • Independent thought says:

      Andrew page died when Phoenix and Endless took over and ruined it, said it before and will say it again, the original board of directors at Andrew Page couldn’t direct their way out of a car park, the daddies money bankers at endless and phoenix couldn’t be trusted to open a can of beans.

      absolute proof that no-one at the top deserved to be there and knew what to do, proof of what happens when you allow a bunch of brown tongue “yes men” posers who are only interested in furthering their own ego and bank balance.

      unfortunately its the rock face staff that suffer, the directors and consultants soon slither off to leach off of someone else’s hard work!!!

  9. rebel says:

    Plenty good enough, only fake ECP anyhow……..


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