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SMART CHARGING. There is money ready and waiting to be made from simple battery maintenance.


  1. New venture from Sukhbir Singh Kapoor APX is on a recruitment drive
  2. Independent garages are not afraid to take on more diesel work
  3. Andrew Page completes integration of Camberley Auto Factors
  4. IMI renews calls for technician licensing
  5. Motor industry welcomes apprentice wage increase
  6. STK advises independent retailers to embrace smartphone accessories
  7. Aftermarket bodies join up to lobby against impending eCall legislation


Peter Johnson, Deputy Chairman at the IMI ion why the government needs to turn its attention to the retailers.


  • How to deal with insolvency
  • How to avoid the curse of dead stock
  • Where there is a will there is a way
  • A look at where the recent additions to employment law
  • CAT’s Inside Line: The third generation Renault Megane

STRATEGY: Batteries and igntion are in the spotlight this month


From additives to workshop sundrys and plenty inbetween


More tales from the warehouse, the tradeshow and the Orient


  • Out and about: Aftermarket events
  • Back in the day: 25 years in the CAT archives
  • Blast from the past – the classic adverts you know and love


The CAT Month continues, where will the team be going next?

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  • How to profit from investing in smart charging
  • Independents willing to take on more diesel work
  • How to deal with insolvency

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