NR08-FiestaZetec-insidelinePeugeot’s 308 was the topic of discussion for last month, with the versatile French car giving us plenty of opportunity to discuss fault finding and diagnosing common issues.

This month our friends in the market turn their attention to the handsome looking Ford Fiesta.

Launched in 2008 as the seventh generation, some breathless Ford executive said it was the most significant and poignant vehicle since Ford’s Model T.

The popular Fiesta gave owners the choice of nine different engines including the much acclaimed ECOnetic range.

There are plenty of issues and quirks with the Fiesta. We’ve some really good tips and pointers to look out for should one rock up at your garage, to help you diagnose and fix the car in double quick-time. Similarly to the 308 from last month, the Fiesta also requires a close eye on its oil consumption.

Next month we’ll be looking at the Vauxhall Corsa introduced in 2006. If you have expertise, knowledge and insight to share, we would be delighted to hear from you. It will make our Inside Lines an even more powerful tool for our workshop readership. Contact or

Click below to see technical contributions on the Ford Fiesta from:

Cambiare – highlights the issues with the Fiesta’s ignition system

Castrol – recapping why oil plays such an important part in the Ford engine

CES– a whole host of issues and instructions on how to solve them

Comline – analysing the squealing brakes

Comma – discusses the foibles of fluids and the importance of oil

Contitech – explaining how to check for wear on the belt

Corteco – why upgrading the cabin filter is necessary

Denso – takes us through some important air conditioning fault finding tips

Forte – how to avoid costly failures

Gates – advises on belt replacements

Meyle – common suspension faults sorted

TecDoc – how to use its system to diagnose and solve issues

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