Karen Reilly’s blog: “My nickname is Lobby!”

This is me. Lobby the Lobster
This is me. Lobby the Lobster

Oh no. After Equip Auto, my nickname is now out of the bag within trade circles.

So I guess you may want to know what it is? Lobby. Yes, I am Lobby.

Steve Jarnett of Corteco calls me it exclusively now (cheers Steve!). Mind you, I could think of worse nicknames.

In fact, most of the clients I met at Equip Auto last week have started calling me it, so you may as well all know about it too.

Most people think it’s cute and then wonder, why on earth ‘Lobby’?

The answer is simple – I go very red in the sun, just like a lobster. People used to call me the Lobster, then that got shortened to Lobby, which has stuck…

Anyway, onto Equip Auto. As I have never been before, I was waiting to be hit by something similar to Automechanika in size: but it wasn’t.

I was a bit disappointed by that, but it was still a good show, and on the plus side we did meet up with many clients and enjoyed Paris.

We travelled out there on the Eurostar and, on the way out, I was stopped by security and told I had too many magazines in my suitcase.

I’m probably now a wanted magazine smuggler!

That said, I got through the interrogations okay (though I got a bit worried when a latex rubber glove appeared) and kept my nerve… and got the magazines through to France.

Next smuggling date will be Automechanika, Frankfurt, Germany!

I did find Paris far too expensive. I even heard that the French come to the UK to buy beer. I am not surprised at 11 Euro a pint.

I was on the diet Cokes… and whatever my clients fed me on their stands. Some Pernod from European Exhausts and Catalysts knocked me sideways, while some yellow lemon stuff from MTS floored me. They enjoyed the sight of a tiddly Lobby a little too much!

Now onto the important stuff.

There are two rounds left of this year’s MotoGP and Rossi is leading the championship, but needs to stay ahead of Lorenzo.

The best bit is that I will be in Valencia for the last round and I am working to get into the end of season party.

“Rossi, come to Lobby! Rossi! Oy, get your ass over here…”ROSSI

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