Five ways to help your customers be ready for winter

Winter brings extra challenges on the roads, and frankly, it can make the festive season a little less festive. Not only is it important you help your customers be ready for winter, but you can also gain more work in doing so.

The folks at Pagid are working with garages across the UK to help them give the best care and advice to their customers, whilst also providing upsell opportunities. So take a look at Pagid’s top five recommendations and see how you can get your customers ready for anything this winter.

  1. Offer a free coolant test

Everyone loves a freebie, so why not offer a check of a customer’s coolant? Many people perhaps do not realise that coolant includes anti-freeze, or that even if the levels are correct, the antifreeze could become stale or out of date over time.
A simple check of the antifreeze quality for free, using your coolant tester, could provide valuable information for the consumer and also an opportunity to check out other parts of the car which may be in need of replacement ready for winter.

  1. Upgrade to winter tyres

Your customers will of course want to check their tyres are in good condition for the winter months, but they may consider winter tyres to be overkill. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is undeniable our winters are cold, wet and icy – much like Germany, where winter tyres are in fact compulsory. So explain the benefits better tread and deeper grooves provide for creating channels for snow and water to travel through, and perhaps they’ll opt for the safer upgrade.

  1. Polish and fit new lights

The early winter months often provide a few scares as people hadn’t noticed their bulbs go, or become dimmer during the summer sun.

Recommend brand new bulbs to ensure maximum brightness, but also a headlamp polish may be in order too. So when you spot a customer with hazy headlights, recommend a polish to restore them to their former and less hazardous glory.

  1. Recharge the air-con

A misted windscreen is one of the biggest bug bears in the cold weather, so it’s worth reminding customers that air con isn’t just for periods of hot weather.

Blowers without air con will suck in cold humid air from the outside, whereas a recharged air con system can demit windows faster with warm, dry air. How toasty!

  1. Check and fit new brake parts

With the inclement conditions, being able to stop becomes more important than ever. Sludge, dirt and salt can also build up inside vital brake parts, affecting performance and corrosion. Offering to check through customer brake parts ahead of winter can be beneficial, especially when comparing the condition across the axle to avoid a potential spin.
Using OE-approved braking solutions will ensure that your customers will be best placed to avoid or safely negotiate hazards during the tricky winter conditions. Pagid delivers the complete braking solution for winter brake parts – it covers 99% of vehicle makes and models, and have excellent availability, service and support. It will be reassuring for your customers to know that in winter, you’re providing them with friction that will keep them as safe as possible.


This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list – batteries, screen wash, engine oil and plenty other areas offer the opportunity to ensure your customers are ready for winter.

Choose Pagid, and they can be ready for anything! For more advice, especially on winter braking, visit

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