8 drink drive bluff myths busted by AlcoSense

The AlcoSense One breathalyser retails at £24.99
The AlcoSense One breathalyser retails at £24.99

The recent drink drive prosecution of rugby legend JPR Williams has prompted AlcoSense to come up with a list of urban myths about bluffing police breath checks.

Williams tried to get away with drink driving by putting a penny under his tongue. And failed.

So next time you’re trying to sell one of Alcosense’s breathalysers, you’ll have the following objection busters at the ready…


  1. Strong coffee will keep me alert, sober me up
    Wrong! Only time will rid your body of alcohol. Caffeine in coffee cannot keep you alert and restore judgment
  2. Bigger people can handle their alcohol better
    Body size can affect in the rate alcohol is absorbed but you must also consider individual metabolism, the amount of rest you had and when you last ate
  3. Put a piece of metal in your mouth, suck a copper coin
    Scientifically proven to be a load of old claptrap
  4. Hold your breath before the test
    This will actually have the opposite effect and make your breath reading falsely high because the concentration of alcohol in the air in the lungs will become higher because the air is not passing through them
  5. Hyper ventilate before the test
    This will lower your breath sample but the Police are wise to it – that’s why they’ll talk to you for a few minutes before the test to make sure you haven’t got the chance
  6. Spray fresh breath spray into your mouth before the test
    Most breath sprays have a very high concentration of mint, which can fool the breathalyser into reading higher!
  7. Burp it out
    Again, this one’s more likely to put you behind bars of the metal variety! It causes alcohol from the stomach to rise up into the esophagus and mouth, where it will stay until it has dissipated
  8. Drink lots of water
    A breathalyser measures the content of alcohol in the air in your lungs and contrary to popular belief has nothing to do with your stomach or urine

Retail prices for Alcosense breathalyers start at £24.99.

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