About Us

What Is CAT?

CAT is the leading business magazine aimed at the UK automotive aftermarket.

Here are some CAT facts:

  • Launched in 1979, CAT stands for ‘Car and Accessory Trader’
  • It’s a trade magazine, aimed at the UK Aftermarket and independent garages
  • Unlike many of our competitors, CAT is 100% requested and ABC audited
  • Our official circulation currently stands at 15,992 copies a month

The magazine has market-leading penetration and is regarded as the aftermarket’s most reliable source of information, business advice, news and views.

Editorial content is authoritative and independent… And because we have full ABC accreditation, we can give you precise breakdowns of who reads the magazine.

Who Reads CAT?

CAT is ONLY sent to business owners, directors and senior managers – as well as buyers and senior technicians. That’s a condition of our ABC status. Our circulation breakdown currently looks like this:

  • 9777 independent garages and 302 franchised dealerships
  • 2099 retailers and 123 cash and carry outlets
  • 2904 factors
  • 1878 manufacturers, suppliers, agencies and others
Brand Offshoots

The magazine’s portfolio includes the following products:

  • Annual CAT Awards
  • Annual CAT directory: the only directory for the UK automotive aftermarket
  • Event Guides
  • Fortnightly Newsletter

For more information about CAT, and more precise data breakdowns of our circulation, please contact Jamie Hunter by emailing james.hunter@haymarket.com