BREAKING: Andrew Page has issued the following statement in response to the earlier story.

“The management team of Andrew Page has been working with PwC to explore strategic options for the company, including a potential sale of the business. This process is near completion and the company expects to make an announcement soon.

As a precautionary measure the company filed a Notice of Intention to Appoint Administrators on September 22. This notice provides an initial period of up to 10 working days during which the team can focus on completing the sale process.

The company expects the sale process to conclude imminently at which stage it will be able to update all staff and customers”.

Further news will be posted as it breaks.



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  1. LKQ are the buyers NOT ECP. Just because LKQ putchased ECP a few years that doesn’t suddenly make ECP LKQ?

    Thankfully lots of jobs saved. The problem now will be the smaller factors in towns & citys with both pages & ecp in. They will eventually go under unfortunately. No way they can now compete

    1. ECP is the uk subsidiary of LKQ, so yes it is ECP that has bought AP

      I can see the little independent factors doing well out of it to be honest, as garages who use pages because they don’t like ECP will now not want to use pages either.

  2. Interesting that Andrew Page spokesman makes no mention of their suppliers who are all waiting to be paid!All of whom probably also lost out when Unipart went down.

  3. Such a shame, my thoughts and best wishes for all the staff, our local Andrew Page has been bought out so many times in different guises, These multi branch companies are trying to rule the world, backed by finance, and ripping up the market. Long live the independents!