Another counterfeit Autodata seller bought to justice


Autodata says it has bought another bogus vendor of its products to justice.

The company has applauded the conviction of a Mario Langton by Staffordshire Magistrates Court for infringing the Trademarks Act 1994.

Autodata says Langton would post as a legitimate tools salesman and approach workshops to sell out of date Autodata products.

A number of garages reported Langton to Autodata, which then worked alongside the Police and Trading Standards to get a conviction.

Autodata says it receives regular reports from its customers and the public, reporting counterfeit products.

Chief Executive of the company Rod Williams said: “Repairs carried out using counterfeit information can be dangerous, which is why we are targeting not only the sellers but also those who purchase and use counterfeit software in their workshops.

“Our advice is to never purchase counterfeit software. Anybody found to be using fake technical information hold themselves open to being dealt with in the same way as illegal sellers.”

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  1. Where do you want me to start?
    Ending book production.
    Product not geared up to a large proportion of it’s customers.
    Perceived as expensive with very limited competition (generally people know very little about Vivid)
    A “buy it all or nothing” mentality. Many customers only want certain information which is only available on CD1 at £420.00 or DVD2 at £620.00, when they used to be able to buy a book or two, to keep for £60.00 each.
    A dictatorial approach. As I understand it you are shutting many accounts that don’t spend £20,000 a year with you.
    Scaremongering about out of date information being DANGEROUS! Funny, it was okay when you only produced books, to be a year or two out of date with no danger to customers…………


  2. I think everyone has had their say on the other thread, with few showing any sympathy for Autodata. Not surprising really…….