Autodata to go 100% online to boost customer service


component-pageAutodata will put its entire service online from the beginning of December with a new platform and start to phase out the use of discs.

All subscribers will transfer from the DVD-platform to the online service within the next 12 months in the £1.8 million development.

This new product aims to be more user-focused, with data presented in a more intuitive way and streamlined to fit the workflow of garages.

Matt Ramsden, Autodata’s UK Sales Manager said: “We supply our content in the workshop, but more and more of our customers want access in their reception area or out in the car park.”

Chief Executive Rod Williams, said: “We can provide workshops and other motoring organisations with a product that saves time, boosts professionalism and increases profit margins.”

The software has several new features including customised price estimations and customer profiles. Content will also be updated daily with new features being introduced on a quarterly basis.

Within the next six months access through dedicated applications for mobile phones and tablets will be introduced as well as further integration with diagnostic tools

Ramsden said: “Integration with other solutions is important. Autodata isn’t an island on its own, it’s only good if it works with other peoples’ solutions, whether that is parts catalogues or diagnostic tools.

“Mobiles, tablets and internet-based solutions are where the industry on the whole is going, and Autodata is making sure it is a part of this new era.”

The issue of piracy is also being tackled head-on as the transition online will see the production of data discs being phased out.

Williams said: “People have pirated our product discs, and they are out in the market. Moving online makes life more difficult as it’s another obstacle in the way for anybody trying to rip-off our data.”

Pricing is yet to be announced, but Williams added that it would be in line with its current offerings.

“We know increasing the price by a lot is not worth it,” he said. “Trying to take an opportunity to exploit subscribers is not a good way to do business, and it is not going to help the customer uptake.”

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