Autoelectro breathes new life into rotating electrics

Autoelectro are already gearing up for winter
Autoelectro are already gearing up for winter

Remanufacturing is something I need to know more about, so when CAT rolled into Bradford to meet with rotating electrics remanufacturers Autoelectro, I was keen to see what the fuss was all about.

If the warren of warehouses, offices and workstations that make up Autoelectro’s HQ are anything to go by, business is growing fast.

Boss Tony Bhogal says the company is already gearing up for the winter rush, when over two thirds of the company’s business is conducted.

He leads us downstairs into a maze of walkways, workstations and warehouses. As Tony explains the remanufacturing process, I’m amazed to see the change from the old, oily alternators, which arrive every day, to the shiny fully-functional units which sit on the workbenches and shelves.

In particular, I’m fascinated by the variety of machinery Autoelectro has had to invest in to help with the remanufacturing process. But Tony admits there are some jobs the stock machinery simply doesn’t do well enough, and in those instances his technicians have modified the tools to work better. It’s that sort of ingenuity which has let Autoelectro grow so rapidly.

In fact, the business is growing so fast it’s already spreading beyond its boundaries. Autoelectro is looking for more warehousing space.

Garages and factors can sleep soundly knowing that Autoelectro is already stocking up for the winter months. If this season is as harsh as the last, that stock will definitely be needed.

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