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When the CAT team went to see Ben at their headquarters in Sunninghill this week, we were pleased to see how well the automotive industry charity is doing.

As well as continuing to offer help, advice and support to both those who’ve worked in the motor trade, and their families, we learnt about the other side of Ben’s work. Namely, the charity’s residential care. Housing 350 residents at any one time is a tough job, but with the help of its supporters Ben is helping families with dependents needing round the clock care. Ben is currently in the planning stages of carrying out a complete redevelopment and renovation of its care facilities, which will enable them to provide an even higher standard of care to more people in the trade.

But Ben isn’t resting on its laurels. Far from it in fact, the charity is starting a new drive to increase awareness of its activities within the aftermarket. Almost one in every ten people in the UK are eligible for support from Ben, with one in every three people in motor-industry centric locations like the west midlands able to seek help when it’s required.

The charity want to promote their activities in the aftermarket, which after manufacturing remains their largest user sector. The charity say they don’t want people to think of Ben as a final resort when problems have already taken their toll, they want people to feel they can turn to Ben for help. Whether it’s advice, financial help, emotional support or even just to hear a friendly voice at the end of the phone, Ben stresses it is there to help those in the motor trade and their families.

The biggest problem they face, they say, is that people on the ‘front line’ of the trade aren’t aware of what Ben does. So when problems do hit they don’t know where to turn. Ben wants to change that, and make everyone in the motor trade aware that they have somewhere to turn when they need help.

We at CAT will always try to support the work of Ben, because they form an integral part of the motor trade. They need our support (and yours!) to continue doing the fantastic work they do, and to continue helping those in the trade.

You can find out more about the work of Ben via their website, here.

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