With the boom of e-bikes, the demand for trailer couplings has also increased noticeably. After all, the practical hook can be optimally used for a bicycle rack. Thanks to good loading possibilities, this transport position is ideal especially for the heavy pedelecs. However, there is also a downside: the issue of driving safety.

eBikes place a greater load on vehicle suspension

Due to the high drawbar loads and leverage forces on the trailer coupling, the standard shock absorbers quickly reach their limits in dangerous situations. The car can break away and there is an increased risk of an accident. BILSTEIN explains how workshops can overcome this shortcoming and thereby improve customer satisfaction and create additional income for their business. Installing high-performance shock absorbers, such as the BILSTEIN B6, significantly increases the damping force compared to the standard part. Tip from sales: offer the BILSTEIN B6 when installing a trailer hitch or when selling a bike rack!


A brief look at the technical background shows the advantages of high-performance shock absorbers. Weight and centre of gravity play an important role in suspension setup. However, these two parameters can fluctuate wildly due to external loads such as e-bike racks.

Offer uprated dampers to customers when they have tow bars fitted

The damping force of the original shock absorbers often is no longer sufficient to ensure safe, comfortable and agile handling. By the way: even if a trailer hitch has already been installed ex works, the standard shock absorbers do not automatically offer sufficient safety reserves with full load. High-performance shock absorbers such as the BILSTEIN B6 almost always bring about a significant improvement in safety. If shock absorbers need to be replaced soon anyway, there are hardly any additional costs compared to normal standard replacement components.

Of course, performance shock absorbers also pay off when towing trailers or with heavy roof loads. With this popular transport method, the vehicle’s centre of gravity shifts unfavourably upwards. When swerving quickly or in alternating curves, this can cause the car to sway dangerously or react much too sluggishly. With high-performance shock absorbers, drivers are protected from unpleasant surprises even with heavy loaded bicycle racks and reach their destination safely.

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