CAT Council: retailer responses

Joe Elliott
Joe Elliott

“Obviously the internet has been seen as a fantastic way of increasing business for the last 20 years. In A1 motor stores there were one or two using their website

I think now it’s probably a little over crowded but I’m sure the good ones will carry on doing well because of the social trends of today.

The problem is to me that if you sell something on the internet there’s less chance of them coming in to browse, buy something else and use your store.

There are many benefits for a retailer being on the internet and having a website, but it can be overcrowded.

If it was me I’d want to keep a very good front-facing retail shop to keep the local people shopping in your store.

The internet is a very good way to attract people from other areas of the country.

This is the way that life is. What will happen to the High Street in 20 years time? I don’t know. It will be there in some shape – the good ones will continue to do well, those that are pro-active.

The ones that get off their backsides and do things that are different, talking to the local press, will do well.”

Joe Elliott


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