Carrying on the Inside Line series, we move on from looking at the BMW Mini and turn our attention to another supermini which is one of the nation’s favourites – the Renault Clio.
The Clio was once crowned and is still considered one of the best small cars on the market despite so much competition

Don’t let anyone tamper with your reputation

Tim Richards explores the dangers of failing to protect the integrity of your products down the supply chain and how you can safeguard against them. Exceptional customer service and a strong, recognisable brand identity can create a stellar reputation. Most would agree, though, that a good quality product is critical. In the current environment, can a company simply sit back and let a product move from design to end-consumer without taking steps to ensure the product is tamper-free?

Running a successful business: Recruitment

John Genge looks at how to go about recruiting the right people for your job, and make sure your investment pays dividends. Any manager is only as good as their team. If you want your business to succeed, then you must ensure that you recruit, retain and appraise the right employees

Where have all the cars gone?

Just like the ‘find the lady’ card trick where sleight of hand defeats the eye, in the background of my mind there has always been a nagging question about registration statistics. I’ve always considered that bumper vehicle registrations, year on year must expand the service market downstream – but it didn’t appear to happen.

Be SMART with your management

Being SMART with your management is a sure fire route to success, says John Genge There are many definitions of management. Mine is very simple: The job of a manager is to create the environment […]

Set your New Year resolutions for success

Motaquip General Manager Peter Cox leads the CAT Council in setting his New Year resolutions. When compared to motor factors is there any other industry offering a more efficient supply chain to technicians and service points in the UK? The answer is almost certainly no, so we should congratulate ourselves on what we’ve achieved. Or should we?